Psychic Medium Service

What I know:

Your present and future are heavily influenced by judgments and decision-making that involve two areas of your mind. The conscious, of which you are aware, and the unconscious that is buried deep within and hidden from your awareness. The unconscious, though hidden, is very powerful in shaping your life and can sabotage your goals and dreams.

What is a psychic?

What is a medium?

Your session will begin with a brief conversation about the areas of your life that you would like addressed. I will also ask you for the first name of the departed loved one you wish to receive a message from. Many times, other loved ones whom you have not named will present themselves to deliver meaningful messages. It is a good idea to record your session because the hour will be jam packed with information. It is helpful to listen to the recorded session periodically as things mentioned in the reading unfold over time.

I will open your session with an invocation in accordance with your spiritual beliefs and ask for all information to be given for your highest good and greatest joy. Your job is to take a few deep breaths and relax. Should you have difficulty relaxing, I will be able to help you reach a relaxed state so that the information comes through clearly.

Then I will be quiet for a few minutes in order to receive what I call the “download” of information unique to you.  I am confident that through me, Spirit will delight, inspire and guide you with the utmost care and love. Your departed loved ones are so excited to be able to communicate with you and often tell you what their “job” is on the other side. They are always eager and willing to send messages. Many times, this is an opportunity for them to make amends, share memories and impart bits of wisdom. We will cover all that is important and vital to you. I consider this a very spiritual practice and am pleased to offer it to those who believe.

Readings via phone, FaceTime, Zoom etc. work equally well. I am able to tap into your energy simply by hearing your voice.

How to prepare for your session

Common themes we can address

Perhaps you are in a repetitive cycle of unsatisfying relationships and want to attract a better partner. Maybe your career is no longer fulfilling and you are searching for a new direction. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a loved one and need confirmation that they are ok. Whatever is keeping you stuck, please bring it to my attention. All concerns will be addressed.

1 Hour Session: $250