The Accidental Psychic Medium

Following the birth of my first child, I fell gravely ill. I did not realize how serious my condition was until a priest came into my hospital room to administer the Last Rights. I decided to accept my fate and prepare for death. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Lying in a hospital bed, I could feel the life force being siphoned from my body. Rising above my body, watching doctors attempt to resuscitate me, I wondered why they could not hear me telling them I was okay. Gradually, I exited my physical body and felt the most beautiful sense of expansion. I was pure energy!

After some time of enjoying my new expanded state of consciousness, a Benevolent White Light glided toward me. This White Light filled my being with the most loving, blissful energy imaginable. It was more profound than anything I had ever experienced. I was both confused and exhilarated at the same time.

The White Light spoke without words; a kind of telepathic communication. I felt a massive download of valuable information concerning our eternal existence beyond the death of the physical body. I learned that when we continue on in the realm of Spirit or Pure Consciousness, there are many opportunities to help those loved ones who are still earthbound. I was told that, in spite of wanting to remain in the Spirit realm, I must return to my body to complete my soul purpose on earth. I would be given “gifts” to assist me along the way. I really didn’t care about the “gifts.” I just wanted to stay in my new blissful home. With a whoosh, I snapped back into my body. I did not like the cramped feeling of being in physical form, but alas, I was determined to complete my Purpose.

It took much adjusting to the new me. I was somewhat perturbed at the Benevolent Light Being for not explaining more. I am someone who likes to be prepared! I started to feel other peoples’ emotions deeply, felt great compassion for them and heard messages from Beyond that were meant to inspire, motivate and comfort. That was 40 years ago, and I haven’t looked back.